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Manicures: The True Cuticle

Manicures: The True Cuticle

June 20, 2012 8:38 pm0 comments

There are many misconceptions about getting your nails done. We have been brought up to think that seeing the cuticle on your nail is “ugly” and should be snipped off, when in reality it serves an important purpose that is often times over looked: protecting your nail matrix.

Confused? Don’t worry, so was I!

The diagram and description below will help to clarify :

The cuticle is the dead tissue that grows under the eponychium and tightly attaches to the nail plate.  The cuticle attaches to the eponychium and attaches to the nail plate.  Together, they form a bond that helps to protect the nail matrix. During a manicure, the eponychium is gently pushed back, exposing the non-living cuticle. (Before pushing back the cuticle a “cuticle remover” agent is used to soften/exfoliate the non-living cuticle.)

The eponychium is the skin that is directly on top of the newly developing nail plate. The eponychium (living tissue) is what gets mistaken for cuticle.  Eponychium should NEVER be cut because it will grow back thicker and will look horrible, which is why most women will run to the nail salon to yet again get their “cuticles” snipped to appear healthier.

So to summarize ladies: Get your manicures, and don’t let your nail technician cut your eponychium or “cuticle” as they call it.

I noticed when I followed this regime, I was less prone to ‘hang nails’, and my nails have become much stronger (which I NEVER thought would be possible).


Falisha K.